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Workflow suspended


When testing workflow I created to test accounts and set up mail boxes for those accounts. Send email from outlook to these two test accounts works fine.

*Note Important : User Profile service not synched with AD after creating the mail boxes.

Created a simple SPD workflow that sends mail to these test accounts. The internal status of workflow changed to suspended. Error status looks like,

RequestorId”: 3d95f396-16f9-9e6d-0000-000000000000. Details: “RequestorId”: 3d95f396-16f9-9e6d-0000-000000000000. Details: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the workflow instance. Exception details: System.ApplicationException…

How to Fix this

Try this first.

Run this PowerShell script (from application server) to check if SharePoint is able to send mail. For me it worked and sent mail to Test accounts… but still workflow was not sending email to test accounts.

$site = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SpSite(“http://my.SharePoint.Site “)

$web = $site.OpenWeb()

$mail = [Microsoft.Sharepoint.Utilities.SpUtility]::SendEmail($web,0,0,”support@company.com”,”Subject of the Mail”,”mail body”)

Try this next.

From central administrator run full user profile synchronization.

Now try again and voila!!! it worked. Workflow sends email to Test accounts…

Also grant ‘Contribute’ permission to the user┬áto workflow History list.

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