PluralSight – .NET Training Videos

Recently I have subscribed to plural sight to keep myself updated with the latest developments in .NET. There are plenty of videos on Visual studio 2010, C#5, WPf, WCF, JQuery, Asp.NET MVC etc., and lot of ther general topics related to software development. This definitely acclerates my learning process and for $29.99 a month its worth subscribing.


Is WPF Alive or Dead ?

I was really disappointed to read few articles related to “Is WPF Dead?”

I recently started spending so much time on WPF and also passed an MCTS  Exam; and then I came across this article This guy seems to a former Product manager in WPF team and he clearly explains why WPF may be dead…

With such a steep learning curve i’m really not sure whether to continue learning WPF or wait for some definitive answers about the future of WPF…

Even in the recent Tech Ed 2011 in India there is NO event/presentation related to WPF which proves a point to some extent that there’s not much happening in WPF space…